Colorful Pooja Thali Set

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Colorful Pooja Thali Set
This Decorated Pooja Thali Set for Karwachauth is handmade item that is decorated with blue Kundan stone, mirror stone, designer print and beautiful golden latkan. On Karwachauth occasion, women can buy this elegant and unique pooja thali set with channi, decorated karwa lota & decorated glass. It is highly preferred as a gift due to its different decorative features and great quality. This Hand crafted traditional pooja thali will surely embellish all your spiritual seasons. Now the size of this Decorated Pooja Thali-26 cm diameter & width is 3 cm, Decorated Latkan Channi-18 cm diameter & width is 4.5 cm, Lota-8 cm diameter & length is 8 cm and Decorated Glass -6 cm diameter & length is 8 cm.
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