Marble Roti Maker/Rolling Board

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Marble Roti Maker/Rolling Board
Salvus App Solutions present The Creative Art of Indian artists by presenting you the most striking marble Handicraft Item made by the Creative Rural Artists of India. This Handmade Italian green Marble Roti Maker/Rolling Board (Chakla) for the frequent use in the kitchen. This perfectly finished base for a perfect balance and grip. It s frequently useful & durable item for everyone and you can also use as a gift. This product is 100% Made in India and handmade by skilled Artisans. Marble Round Shape Chakla To cook or make roti, Partha & chapatti Size:- The size of this roti maker has a length- 3 cm and diameter 22 cm . Note:- Product could be different 10-15% only from display image because it's made by pure natural marble stone.
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