Mortar and Pestle Set

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Mortar and Pestle Set
This kitchen essential Mortar and Pestle (Imam Dasta) made out of Natural Marble Rock. The Product is made from Marble Rock alongside of "Holy River Of Narmada". The Mortar and Pestle is Artistically carved out of single Stone. Use it for grinding and crushing herbs, spices or medicine. It is non-porous, natural and very durable. Easy to maintain and clean, dishwasher safe and won't absorb food odours or stains. This product is 100% Made in India and handmade by skilled Artisans. Dimensions: Size - Mortar : 3 Inches Diameter & 3 Inches Height. and Pestle of 4 Inches Height.
Marble Kharal, Kundi, Imam Dasta, Khalbatta okhli Masher, Mortar Pestle, Marble Masher-3 Inches
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